Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Rose Like No Other

A rose like no other is the Confederate Rose also called a Cotton Rose.It is actually not a rose at all,it is a Hibiscus(mutabilis).you can find it in Pink,Red,and White,they also have a single bloom which has only four petals.They bloom from late summer til early fall.This tree can get up to 15 to 20 ft. tall with a spread as wide.They are hearty in the south and uo to zone 7,some have tried to grow them farther up north with not much luck.you can grow the confederate rose from cuttings or from seed.I grew mine from cuttings from my mother.Have never tried from the seed,I just found out you could grow the rose from seed,so I am going to harvest my seed from my rose and give it a try.To get cuttings you wait til all blooms die out around late November to early December then cut the limbs ,you remove the leaves,put stems in water in a place that is out of the weather,I put mine in the shed.When spring comes take out your stems,most will have some roots on them .Plant the rose,fertilize and keep moist til it takes root.Once it is growing good there is not much care needed,All I do is keep mine watered,one of mine is about 15 ft. tall,the other is catching up.The smaller rose of the two I have was taken out by hurrican Katrina,I thought it was gone ,but the following spring after the storm it came back from the roots that were left in the ground.My confederate rose is a double bloom in pink.
I am going to harvest the seed and if anyone would be interested in seeds to try and grow the confederate rose I will be more than glad to share.From what I have read it is easy to start from seed,this will be my first attempt but I am going to give it a try.


Jean said...

munduYour Confederate Rose is lovely! I wish I could grow one!. Thanks for sharing. You should sign this post up for Bloomin Tuesday. Jean

Grammy said...

Hi Charlotte,
Hi Cynthia,
I love your rose. How wonderful to have new blooms. All your photos are wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your comments.
Have a great week.

Grammy said...

Sorry about the 2 names I could not remember when I posted and forgot to delete the wrong one when I cam back. forgive me.
My kids get mad if I call them by the wrong name.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful bloom!

Anne Fannie said...

I have never heard of this rose before, very pretty!
Thanks for sharing on Bloomin' Tuesday!

Darla said...

They are very pretty, we have those all over town here.

Lady Katherine said...

You know I would love to have some seeds! I love the con. rose! I did not know it was called a cotton rose, but I remember the ones, we saw in Cheraw, NC. Now that I think about it I can see why its called that too. Put me on your list. I'm off to my Doctor,Terry going in with me, to help me decide what to do next. Should I not post Show and Tell, I be at the hospital resort room, as Terry call it. See ya Love the rose. PS I have a plant that leaves are large and it comes back in spring I have to post it. I got it from Jennifers. It purple with big cluster of tiny blooms, and its still blooming and spreads everywhere, about 3 feet tall.

Darla said...

I have some seeds ready, come see if you want any.

Miss Janice said...

Love that bloom, it's so pretty. Thank you for stopping by...don't you just love those Rhonda Rayborn t-shirts! I will drop in again.