Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day with their family and friends.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Little Found Christmas Treasures

I found some nice little Christmas Treasures today on my trip to town.It was just a streak of luck because my daughter ,the grands and I were going to bank and Wal Mart only today.When we got to the bank the person we needed to see was gone to lunch,so I said let's go to Dirt Cheap and spend 30 minutes while waiting for her to get back from lunch.I am sure some of you know what Dirt Cheap is ,but for those that do not it is a store that sells things from fire and water damage stores and returns from stores.Sometimes you can find great deals and other times they might not have much.Great example is about 6 months ago I got a Bunn coffee maker for $15.00,now that was a deal.Today on our unexpected trip to Dirt Cheap I got some wonderful Christmas treasures.The ones in the pics plus a snow family,snowman standing on a snowflake,sm. snowman ornie,and another snowman and stocking figurine.All of those where taken home by my daughter who is collecting snowmen.

Tree Topper that was .50 cent Ice skate ornament that cost.10 cents
Angel Ornament,I got two of these for .15 each.

snowboard with shoes ,boots and goggles .15

Oh this is one of the snowman families my daughter got,she forgot it in the car so I did get a pic of it and the one below.This one cost .50 cents

this one here cost.30 cents

My Santa Claus that I got for .75 cents

I also got an ice crystal wreath for $2.00 ,The total of my whole little shopping spree of found Christmas treasures was a little over $9.00,so I think I did pretty well today,everything in the Christmas isles was 95% off,hope to go back after Christmas and see what else I might find.

Monday, December 22, 2008

In The Mail Today

Today I opened my mail box and there was this wonderful book full of beautiful flowers and vegetables.It was such a nice thing to see all the beauty of spring on a cold and wintery day like today.There are so many beautiful flowers and wonderful vegetable plants to choose from.I am sitting here choosing what I want to order for my Spring planting.I know it is the middle of winter but Spring will be upon us before we realize that it is here,so i am going to start making my order so I will be ready.I will order some seeds and some plants ready for planting.My perennial garden needs some new life in it this year,and there are some great perennials I would like to add.When planting perennials I like to plant the plant itself but I will buy a few different seeds to try out.So although it is winter I can picture pretty flower greenery sprouting from the ground and the beginning of new growth in my gardens.Never to early to start planning our gardens and I think I will start now.

Everyone needs something to make them smile everyday and today for me it is a wonderful book full of flowers and vegetables to shop through.What has put a smile on your face today?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well I have almost missed Snowy Sunday,all though my pictures are of the snow we had a few weeks ago I am hoping you will enjoy them.My grands had a ball playing in the snow.We are hoping that snow may pay us another visit during Christmas break,but I am sure it will not happen but it would be nice.

To see more Snowy Sunday pictures go to Laurie and Chris and see more beautiful snow pictures