Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Ornaments and Stockings

I have a love of Christmas Ornaments and Prim Ornies.Every year close to Christmas I start making new ornaments for my tree and to swap with friends on line.It is such fun to swap with others and see what different ornaments you get in the mail.The ones in the pictures were made for a swap.I also love making stockings and dressing them up with ribbons and pearls.I started the stocking making when my children were small.They each have the stocking I made them when they were small hanging at their homes now.Along with one for each of their children and their spouse,All my nieces and nephews have stockings too.I have 17 stockings that hang in my house for Christmas one for each grandchild,when I decorate I will have to take a picture and post it. These two stockings are made with velvet. t These are made with camouflage for the boys.
Here in the south little boys start hunting early
so they like the camouflage Prim Star with Rusty Bells

Beads strung on fishing line and ribbon.
These were made for a swap,I am going to
have to do more of these for myself and
my daughters and daughter in law.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

It is Blooming Tuesday at Jeans
This is probably close to the last blooms in my yard for the year.They are talking about temps in the 20's at nights this week so that will take care of most of what I have left for the year.This little petunia is a surprise to me because I was told it would not return each year,but it comes back every year never gets very big but it has been a sturdy plant.The lantana came up under a bird feeder I guess from seed that fell from the feeder,it gets more beautiful each year.I can not wait til Spring returns so I can get out and reseed and start new growth in my gardens.I also planted a new red bud tree this fall and hope to see blooms on it come the first of Spring.I love fall and winter they are beautiful seasons but my favorite time is Spring to watch all the new growth come to life. .


Purple Zinnias

Orange Cannas

Copper climbing rose


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Miss Magnolia Carrie Alexis Reid

I would like to introduce you to Miss Carrie Alexis Reid,We call her Alexis,she is my six year old grand daughter.Alexis loves to do beauty pageants.Today Alexis was in the Little Miss Magnolia Pageant,she won over all beauty and is headed to the state pageant.She also does the pageant at school.This is her second preliminary pageant to state,she won Little Miss Lawrence County last year and went to state.Alexis did not place at State last year,but she is on her way back again.In December she will be in the Christmas parade in our city.
Pageants are stressful and keep you on your toes all the time.You have to worry about dresses,shoes,hair,bows for the hair.Lots of girls wear a lot of makeup,but mom does not put a lot on Alexis,she gets to wear a little blush and clear lip gloss.We like to see the real little girl not someone made up.She has won six trophies and four crowns in her short pageant carrier.We are very proud of her,She is our little beauty no matter if she places or not.

Carrie Alexis being crowned

Carrie Alexis winning smile,she won the most beautiful smile category today.This is the other little girl that won in her age group,she won Little Miss Magnolia in the five and six year old division and Lexie won Little Miss Magnolia over all the age divisions. All the Pageant winners from the Pageant today,
They were all so beautiful.