Sunday, November 9, 2008

  1. Where is your mobile phone? Computer desk Where is your significant other? In his truck in Texas Your hair color? Auburn Your mother? Home Your father? Arm,Ms. One favorite thing? Cloth Dolls I make Your dream last night? None Your dream goal? To go to Australia The room you're in? Front living room Your hobby? Doll making,sewing,crochet Your fear? heights, Where do you want to be in six years? Financial stable Where were you last night? At home What you're not? Skinny One of your wish list items? Nikon 35MM camera Where you grew up? Mississippi, & Louisiana The last thing you did? Had family dinner at my sister's house today What are you wearing? Sleep pants and a tee shirt Your TV? The Unit Your pets? Bull dog, Grand Persian dog,5 goats Your computer? pc Your mood? solitaire Missing someone? yes, my daughter and her three girls Your car? 1994 Ford Explorer Limited Edition Something you're not wearing? makeup Favorite drink ? coffee Your summer? Gardening and grand kids Love someone? yes, hubby, family and friends Your favorite color? Red When was the last time you laughed? Today When was the last time you cried? June when mother in law passed Why not join in and play along? Let me know....I'll come over to your place and learn more about YOU!


Lady Katherine said...

Yeah! you did it! you forgot now, its Folgers Coffee! I will have something on my blog for you, I am in middle of it and blogger giving me hard time tonight.

Miss Janice said...

congratulations! I have one from Lady Katherine also, but still trying to figure all this out!