Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little Miss Magnolia Carrie Alexis Reid

I would like to introduce you to Miss Carrie Alexis Reid,We call her Alexis,she is my six year old grand daughter.Alexis loves to do beauty pageants.Today Alexis was in the Little Miss Magnolia Pageant,she won over all beauty and is headed to the state pageant.She also does the pageant at school.This is her second preliminary pageant to state,she won Little Miss Lawrence County last year and went to state.Alexis did not place at State last year,but she is on her way back again.In December she will be in the Christmas parade in our city.
Pageants are stressful and keep you on your toes all the time.You have to worry about dresses,shoes,hair,bows for the hair.Lots of girls wear a lot of makeup,but mom does not put a lot on Alexis,she gets to wear a little blush and clear lip gloss.We like to see the real little girl not someone made up.She has won six trophies and four crowns in her short pageant carrier.We are very proud of her,She is our little beauty no matter if she places or not.

Carrie Alexis being crowned

Carrie Alexis winning smile,she won the most beautiful smile category today.This is the other little girl that won in her age group,she won Little Miss Magnolia in the five and six year old division and Lexie won Little Miss Magnolia over all the age divisions. All the Pageant winners from the Pageant today,
They were all so beautiful.


Lady Katherine said...

Lexie is a true beauty! My she has grown and changed so much. She has aways been a beauty since she was born. I know you are so proud of her! The dress was lovely! Did you make it? My girls did not do the pagent this year, with Shane illness and Jennifer and Nick split up. Yes they are still together about eight weeks now, planning to move to Birmingham, for Jennifer to go to college. Congrats to you, Alexis, and Jessica, The no make up is when the natural beauty shows. When the state? Thanks for the sweet note to me. I been just trying to deal with it all last few days. I am feeling better about things tonight. Creighton go to surgery, Tuesday. Will have Gage and Brianna tomorrow, and Hannah Tuesday and Creighton and Hannah Wednesday. There goes my post time, I am behind on keeping up with my blogs. Tommorrow I hope to do a post on Cloud nine airplanes. Terry put up pic. got to find the cd first. I am so happy for ya'll. You need a good dose of happiness! Yeah Lexie! Go get em' at State. Terry took doc to heart, he got in a little trouble, doc wants him to do more for me and with me and let me get out and live life, NOW! I felt so bad for him, he was already down and got fussed at. But doc made him understand how imporant things are now and where I stand. Bless his heart, he does so much for me all the time. He sure did not need more on his shoulders. He still did not know everything until we went in, he had to leave out and come back. I tried to tell him, but denial comes around, even for me. Good Luck! I may post my flower I want you to see, the plant is still making new plants and blooming!

Miss Janice said...

Well she is just precious! I love going to those pageants--it's so Southern...