Saturday, October 18, 2008

Past Memory

My mother in law pasted in June of this year,so the family had to do the norm and clean out the house.You are so surprised at the things you will find.We found an old movie projector with movies,it did not work so sister in law is trying to get them put on DVD for us to watch.It was a really hard thing for my husband and his three sisters to do,but it had to be done.Among all the pictures and the little cards from the kids over time ,we found this pair of overalls and glasses.These tiny little overalls and glasses were my husbands when he was a little bitty boy.It seems so weird he was ever this little since now he is 6ft 3 and weighs 275lbs and will be 51 in a few months.I am going to get a shadow box and put them in so they can be keep .It is really a nice thing to find older items like these that people treasured enough to keep that long that were important to them.I have many things that my children made as little ones and gave to me,cards,ornaments and they mean so much.Now I have started keeping the things I get from my grandchildren.We all need to hold on to alittle bit of the past.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ATC's I made for Fall and Halloween

I have been trying to teach myself to paint .It is going kind of slow,but I will keep trying.Who knows one day I might be able to paint a big picture .I do alot of doodling but not painting.I love to sit and just doodle it fills alot of time when I am watching TV or whatever.Yesterday I sat and painted these two ATC's.Really like the Fall one,but the Halloween is not up to par ,will have to try again on it.
Tonight I have to make a Photo Album fora baby,for grandaughter's teacher.I also have a swap to work on,it is to decorate a Pringles can and put a pamper me swap inside.It is different ,but I think it will be a fun challenge.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ATC card I got from a swap at CC

I am in a couple of craft clubs that I enjoy very much.I have made some great friends and been involved in swaps with other crafters.At one we have started doing ATC cards they are so much fun to do,and we swap with other crafters.This is a pic of one I got this month,it is so nice.I will post pics of some others I have gotten and made for you to see.They are wonderful small works of art for collecting and you get so many beautiful cards.I think anyone who crafts should give them a try.They are not for selling just collecting.

Just A Chat

Well it has been a few days since I posted,sometimes I just can not find time to get here.Husband is home on weekends so most of my time is spent with him,he drive an eighteen wheeler and is gone usually from Sunday afternoon til Friday night.This weekend he and I and another coulpe went out for supper.We went to the new Santa Fe Cattle Co. it was great.The food is wonderful there and the resturant was great,you go in an while you wait you can get a drink and eat peanuts.The floors are covered in peanut hulls that everyone just throws down.
The rest of the weekend was spent doing outside work that we never seem to get caught up on.
Tonight my 9 year old grandson (with a little help from mom) baked a cake and called me over to have a piece and get a piece for his paw paw(who was already in bed).He did a great job on his first attemp at baking.I was so proud of him.The weather here has been so nice in the afternoons that we set at the pond and let the goats out and enjoy the nice weather.We have a wonderful shad tree out there and we have a few chairs.I want to put us a table and chair set and a swing out there so we can have a nice visiting place when friends come over.We usually set on the porch and visit,but under the tree by the pond would be so relaxing.I think that will be my goal before next summer gets here.