Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today is Show and Tell Friday at Kellie's and I am going to give you a look at my kitchen walls.They are filled with treasures that I have found at garage sales, consignment shops ,and from friends.I love old vintage kitchen items so my wall are filled with just alot of things I love to look at.They have blue checked wall paper and the top boarder is gardening things. This sign I bought last weekend at a flea market store.I gave 2.00 for it.

I am a big coffee drinker and I just loved these plates with coffee cups on them.The shelve is two old pieces of wood that I put together to make an old looking shelf.I have dish clothes I love and will no use on the shelf,and mugs hanging wire baskets an kitchen angel that I got at a garage sale and another one there you can not see to good that I made.

Here we have vegie pictures,another kitchen angel I made,a flower picture coffee trivet a small coke tray.

I love to collect rolling pins,so my husband made me this holder to hang them in.I do use these when I make chicken and dumplins.Aprons,pot holders,small tin signs.Just alot of little goodies.

Cake pans,more tin signs, trivets,another doll I made,my cook book rack,clock.The pumpkin picture was a gift from a friend in Canada,she drew this picture and painted it for me at Thanksgiving.

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Monday, February 2, 2009


Today is Blooming Tuesday,I am just showing my African Violets and a plant I inherited from my daughter,Tree Philodendron Selloum ,it was starting to die at her house so she sent it to live with me.I have a Tree Philodendron Selloum planted in my yard,it gets really beautiful during the year all the way through late fall.In late fall it starts dying back.So when the weather warms up I will plant this one outside also. Tree Philodendron Selloum,this will be planted in the yard come warm weather

New growth on the Philodendron Selloum

African violets,this one is a pink color when it is blooming

Another African Viloet,this one is purple when it is in bloom.

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