Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More from the Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to share some of the wonderful things you can see at the Mitchell Farms Pumpkin Patch with you.Wouldn't you just love to have a shower made of tin in your home or all these axes and hatchets hanging on your walls.

This is one of the houses you can take a walk back in time in.
old handmade brooms

Caleb standing i front of one of the tee pees they have on the on the grounds.
We will be going back to the Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday of next week with Sawyer ,he is in preschool and their class is going to make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.I can not wait to go back and have another nice day.

Let's Go to The Pumpkin Patch

Let's go to the Pumpkin Patch,it is so much fun.My grandson's first grade class took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday,and as usual momo went along.The Pumpkin Patch is located on Mitchell Farms in Collins,Mississippi.They have a wonderful place for a day out there,it is a vegetable growing farm where you can buy and pick your own vegetables.This time of the year they also put on a pumpkin patch and most of the scholls take the younger children there for a field trip to get a Halloween Pumpkin.They have lots to do like,a ride in the big wagon around the farm ,you see the beautiful sunflower fields,wheat field duck ponds.They have two mazes one in the shape of an Eagle in the wheat field,and one made from rond bales of hay.There is a great play ground for the children to play on ,a corn pool,it is filled with shelled corn instead of water.Areal nice covered pinic area.Old farm houses thatare decorated from back in the early 1900's.Mitchell Farms is a great place to have a day out for the whole family.The only thing that was not fun yesterday was the weather it was very cold with winds that stung with every blow,but we did not let that keep us from having a wonderful day at the Pumpkin Patch.

The corn Pool

The First grade class

Caleb with the pumpkins he choose
I wanted to show pics of one of my favorite rooms in my home.This is my kitchen,I collect older kitchen gadgets ,rolling pins,anything with a country feel.It is hung al over the walls.We are going to redo the kitchen next summer and my brother said I should take out one of the wall,but I refuse to.I do not want to lose the wall space for hanging all my goodies I find.I am a big junk store junkie that is where I find most of my stuff.On the frist pic I have wire baskets hanging in front of the window,they hold dish rags,cookie cutters ,any little things I use in the kitchen and somethings that are just put there so they will be easy to find.There are aloso little shelves in the window that have little things sitting on them.Next there is a wire tea pot,tea towel,and a tea clock.I found the wire pot at a garage sale,the towel at a junk store and the clock atthe dollar store it cost a whole 2.00.The woodwn shelves I made out of old scrap wood,the rolling pin holder my husband made me out of old wood,I had started grathering so many rolling pins he thought I needed a place to hang them.Most were found at a old store but,,the marble one was given to me by my mom.I made the kitchen angels that are hanging around.It is good to have a kitchen you love being in and I love to be in mine cause it has a homey comfortable feel about it.There are some awesome new kitchen out todat with lots of great features but I just like my little kitchen it is like me just warm and comfy.You do no mind having to spend time there cooking if you feel relaxed in your kitchen.