Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today is Show and Tell over at Kelly,
I am going to show you a porch bench that my husband made for me and then I decorated.I was not to sure how I wanted to proceed with the decorating.I first had to do alot of sanding ,with a very coarse sandpaper and then with a very fine sandpaper.I sanded until it was smooth.Once I got it sanded I had to figure out what to do with the bench.I started learning a new craft here while back,wood burning.I decided that I would like to burn a design into the wood.So I drew me a design onto the porch bench top,then I proceeded to burn the design into the top of the porch bench.Once I had the design burned into the porch bench I stained it with a brown stain. Below is my finished work of art. Boards that husband cut out for the porch bench.It was made with 2x12 treated lumber.
Porch bench all put together.

Porch bench with design burned into top and stained.

Another picture of the top of the porch bench

Completed porch bench.Now I am ready for Spring so I can put it out on the porch or find a nice place out near a flower bed for it to set.
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Monday, February 23, 2009


Today is Blooming Tuesday over at Jean's MsGreen"thumb"Jean ,

I am going to show a few new things I have put in the ground ,they are mostly ground covers that I picked out with nice color when they are in bloom. This is a Shasta Daisy that I planted last year that has started emerging from the earth,can not wait to see it in bloom on its second year.

My little narssius that has finally gotten a few blooms on it.I was beginning to think it was not going to bloom this year.

Now my new ground covers,this is called Fuldaglut Sedum.It has a bronze-red foliage,grows 2 to 4 " high.It's hardiness is to -40 degrees.

This little plant is called creeping phlox this one does not have many blooms on it and they are purple although they look white here.

Also creeping Phlox,a dark pink color.They grow about 6" high with a spread of around 5'.They like direct sun light and bloom in the Spring Attracts butterflies and are fast growing.This is also true for the purple one above.

This is one of my favorite flowers in my yard.It never dies and is beautiful all year long.My old rusty Sunflower.It is planted beside my front door steps.

The next few pictures are of my seedlings.Some are already coming up ,others are not quite ready to show themselves yet.I am trying to bring Spring on just as quickly as I possibly can.I have lavender,purple cone flower,red maidens,hibiscus,columbine,coreopsis,Russian sage,loofa gourds,moon flowers,and a few others growing here in all these little pots.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


It is Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's,today I am showing the prettiest blue eyes.These gorgeous eyes belong to my 3 year old grand daughter.She is a pretty ,sassy blue eyed doll. These are the sweetest blue eyes to her grandfather and I.
I would like you to meet the bearer of those pretty blue eyes,Miss Zoie Lane

Here is a picture of Miss Zoie Lane and her twin brother Mr. Hunter Wayne.They do not look much alike and her has big brown eyes.
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