Monday, November 10, 2008

Goats at The Robbins Nest

Goats are one of the best pets you can have I think.We started out three years ago with two baby goats that I raised in my house on bottles.We now have six goats at the Robbins Nest.I would not trade them for any other farm animal.The kids love them and as you can see they play with them.We play with our goats from the time they are borne to keep them tame,that way the children can play with them without the worry of being hurt.Our goats are meat breed goats,There are a number of different breeds you can raise,but some of them are expensive.I myself would like to own at least one angora goat.Some people own the angora for the wool,I just want one because they are beautiful.I do crochet but you need to be a spinner if you use the wool and I am not a spinner.My friend Lady Katherine is a spinner and use to spin wool.When I have a goat problem that is who I ask for advice,she raised goats once before and she knows alot about them.
Sometimes our goats get run of the property,until I catch them in my flower beds which they seem to love.Especially my banana tree,then it is time to go back in their pen.We put the big round bales of hay in th pen for them and they like to play King of the hay bale,the boy goats really like to play it with each other.They all have names and they actully know their names too.We have the first two that came to us as babies are Little Girl & Kid,then we have Cocoa,Honey Dew,andLittle Man.Little man is a milk goat who was given to the grandkids by a friend of theirs.We had to raise him on a bottle also.As of now we have five goats ,two billies,and three nannies,but the three nannies we have are all bred.So sometime this winter we will have at least three more kids,we can not wait,I just wish they would come in the warmer part of the year instead of the coldest.

Kyler riding Kid
Kyler feeding Kid,Little Girl,& Honey Dew

Sawyer with Little Man and Little Girl
Sawyer holding Cocoa

Little Girl and Cocoa

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Lady Katherine said...

Yes, I remember those days of 50 goats and sheep and 60 babies of each born every spring, that I delivered. We have one goat now, we gave our full blood buck boer to my old friends here in Leesburg, that gave me my start in goats.