Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas

Well Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is well on it's way.I do not decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving but Christmas is a whole different story.Christmas is my favorite time for decorating,I love all the ornaments and lights that make it sparkle.Right now tis is what my decorations look like,All boxed up yelling at me to get us out of these boxes.I can just hear them telling me how cramped they are aned they have been in there for a whole year now so please let us out.We are ready to shine and be seen,oh please please hurry up and open up these boxes so we can breath.The only thing is I will have to listen for a few more days got to many little folks staying with me for the weekend to even attempt to start unpacking yet.I do have a small tree that I am going to take out and let the little ones decorate for me.That is part of the fun watching them put dceorations on the little tree and get so excited about Santa getting ready to come.Listening to them discuss what all they want to get from Santa.Once I get started decorating I will take pictures for you all to see.
Decorating inside is the easy part it is putting up the lights and outside decorations that get more complicated ,making sure you get all the lights running right so you can get them plugged in.Setting up where everything looks nice and connectsd together with just the right look.So I am ready to get started and in a few days my house will be transformed into a Christmas home full of excitement and cheer with decorations,music,all things Christmas.can not wait to take pictures and post of my Christmas decorations so I will see you all soon with Christmas galore.Hope everyone is decorating and getting the Christmas Spirit in your hearts.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

I am running late today with my Blooming Tuesday,sometimes things get in the way and today that happen with me.

Okay I have no blooms left,we had two 28 degree nights last week so it just took away all my beauty I had left.So today I chose some pictures I had took earlier in the year,hope you enjoy looking at them.Not to sure what will be blooming next week,maybe I can get some pictures of my African Violets.I am going to buy a Christmas Cactus maybe it will be blooming. This was taken at the Hattisburg,Ms.Zoo.

I am not sure what the plant is ,but the

peacock is what caught my eye,it is like he

was trying to hide from all the people.

hydranga,I love this plant,but I can not

seem to keep one alive.Anyone have any

tips for me,I would love to have one

growing in my yard that I do not kill.

Do not remember the name of this little plant

it grew in a hanging basket all spring.

These two were just a special treat I caught

I had a suculent growing in these little boots

one morning I went out and this mushroom

was just there.It was so cute I just let it stay there til it died.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My wonderful finds

Okay I am going to make a confession here ,I am a garage sale,junk store junkie.I stop at every garage sale that I come upon and I had rather shop at a junk store than Wal Mart.I love to find little treasures from others that are cheap.It is so much fun to get out and see what you can find,it is like a treasure hunt to me.Sometimes I come back empty handed,but most times I do find one or two things I just can not turn down.Garage sales can be one of the most relaxing things you do,you pretty much know you are not going to spend a lot,you are going to find something wonderful to look at or that you can use in the kitchen,etc.You can buy a old chair or stool and go home redo it and have a beautiful piece for your home. Wire Tea pot,I really like wire items to decorate
with in the kitchen.I use a big wire basket to
hold my candles.

Another great wire basket it cost me $1.00
I also love wall tins to decorate with,have not
decided where these will hang yet but I just feel
in love with the old bicycles.

Another $1.00 find a great little beaded
candle holder,and I burn a lot of candles.

This was just something that made me smile,
so I bought it to set on the kitchen table,being I am
a doll lover she was a must but,she only cost
me $2.oo
I think everyone should spend a day on garage sales or visiting the local junk,second hand store.You can not imagine the fun you will have if you have never done this before.Hope you will take that little shopping day soon and have a fun time.