Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is Blooming Tuesday at MsGreen"thumb"Jeans I am just going to show blooms from last summer being I have no beautiful blooms as of yet this year.

Please go visit Jean and see hers and other wonderful blooms.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have been doing some crochet the last few weeks.Crochet is one of my favorite crafts to do.It is a very relaxing craft,I can do it while I watch t.v.,or just sit and crochet for hours.When I use to go on long truck trips with my husband I would crochet while we were traveling. My brother and sister in law are having their first grand baby in May,so I crochet this little blue baby blanket for the new baby.I have always crocheted blankets for the new babies in the family.While I was working on it my grands who all have a baby blanket have decided they all want a new one.They are wanting full size ones,so I guess I will be busy for awhile crocheting blankets.I really think they will make great birthday presents for them this year.This is the one I made for the new baby,it is crocheted with a single crochet ,and double crochet shell.It has a shell stitch border.
It measures 40x45 just the right size for a little one.

The pattern is called Cauliflower,it took 3 ,8ounce skeins of worsted weight yarn to make the blanket this size.

Now this is a blanket I am crocheting now for my 6 year old gran daughter.She is our little Diva,she likes pinks,purples,bright yellows,and lime green colors.I made her a comforter last summer with all these colors and when I found this yarn on a real sale(it was 4.29 a skein,I bought it foe .49 a skein) I had to buy it for her room.

The yarn is called Frosting,and the color is hot berries,crocheted it has a warm fuzzy look and feel about it.It is a little harder to crochet with than worsted weight yarn,but it makes up so beautiful. it is crocheted with double crochet stitch.It is done in v stitch,which is a double crochet chain one double crochet all done in the same stitch.Can not wait to finish it and see the completed afghan.It takes ten skeins of this yarn,there is 104 yards in each skein.I am going to crochet a pillow cover to match.