Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today is Show and Tell Friday over at Kellie's

I am going to be showing what I recieved for Valentines Day.On Valentines Day the usual and most wanted gifts are Roses,Chocolate Candies,or Diamonds and Jewerly.That is what most ladies want or wish for on Valentines.Well I guess that makes me alittle unusual,although I love flowers especially roses the cut ones die in a few weeks.I love Chocolate candy too,but my hips really are not in the need of that wonderfully sweet Valentine.As for Diamonds and Jewerly,I wear a wedding ring and I love my ear rings,other than that I do not care for jewerly.I know you are asking yourself what is wrong with that woman?Valentines Day is a day of love,so if your love is going to present you with a gift of love should it not be something you like or that you will enjoy.well as for me I had just as soon have a beautiful plant that I can plant in my flower garden,or a piece of yard art to add in my flower garden or to my porch with.With my sweet husband knowing me so well after 30 years of wedded bliss he knows what kinds of things to buy for me.It is not frills,candies,or gold and silver bling.He came in off the road on Thursday before with the first of my gifts which was this awesome little blue tin man with a very pretty red heart.My husband said I saw this in the truck stop and it just said Charlotte would love to hang me on her porch,you know she would. My beautiful blue tin man with his big red heart.

Isn't he just so cool,I get to look at him hanging around everyday.

Now thses next two pictures are gift no. 2,my wonderful bottle trees.I have been wanting bottle trees for so long.I have been buying colored bottles and old bottles of any kind for the bottle tree I hope to have one day.Well on Sunday afternoon my husband says lets go to Lowes he chooses the material he wants to build the trees with.We come home and he and my son set out and make me not just1 bottle tree ,but 2 bottle trees.Old tale is That a Bottle tree will keep the bad spirits away.

Now this last pic is a Valentines gift from my son and his family.After I told him I was going to cut down the Dog Wood tree in his back yard because I did not have one at home.(Ha!Ha!)He and his wife went out on the 12th for their wedding anni. when he got home ha stopped by the house and said mama come see what I found on the side of the road,when I got on the porch I had a Dog Wood tree sitting there.Son said now you do not have to cut down our tree.(HA!HA!) So this is my wonderfully unusual Valentine gifts that I love and will be able to see each time I walk outside for years to come,You could not ask for a better Valentines gift than the ones I received from my husband and my son and his family.

Dog Wood Tree from my son and his family,can not wait to see the first time it blooms in the Spring.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today is Blooming Tuesday over at MsGreen"thumb"Jeans,She host Blooming Tuesday each week and you can see some beautiful gardens there.Please go and check out everyones wonderful taste of Spring.Today I am just showing pictures from a mag that I pick up each month called Mississippi Gardener.It shows and tells about the best plants to grow in Mississippi.Gives you great gardening tips,it is a very good mag for the Mississippi gardener.

Hope you will stroll on over to Jeans at MsGreen"thumb"Jeans and enjoy a walk in some of the wonderful gardens there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's.Today is my first Blue Monday post and I am going to Show you pictures of a set of twin baby dolls my husband bought for me around 6 years ago.They are signed by the doll artist,they are no.112 of 5000.It is really kind of funny that my husband bought me these for me and then 3 years ago we got a set of twin grandbabies.A little bot named Hunter and a little girl named Zoie.They are also blondes like the baby dolls.My little baby dolls are dressed in blue and they look like they are blue with their little pouting faces.

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