Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Redoing Layout

I am trying to do a new page layout,but some of the gadgets I want will not post on the new layout.I am working on it,one day I will figure all this stuff out.wanted a brighter and happer looking page.I think this is the one for me,I love butterflies bbirds,dragonflies so I like this page.I will learn to work things out like I want them sooner or later.


Lady Katherine said...

its great looks like you, and you did not loose your post, I have been scared to do it. But I want a pink one full of roses. Where did you go ?? I checked out a few places, did you back up your blog? I too scared.

Lady Katherine said...

okay your phone busy,so you have to be online. tell me. I love it. I just found a few blog I love I want to go to AL now!!!!
I also signed up for twitter.

Lady Katherine said...

your preschool post is not on your new layout and I cannot get into it.

Patricia said...

Hey Girl!!

Glad to see you are in my followers!! I just wanted you to know I have enjoyed reading your posts, but the lettering needs to be larger, the fabric graphics are perfect, but it makes it hard to read, so a bigger font would cure this!!
Keep on sharing!!

Lady Katherine said...

HI, I have something for you on my blog, just right click on picture and send it to your pictures and go to layout and gaget, click add picture and down load my picture from your computer pictures.