Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Preschool Day

I wrote this post a few days ago,but for some reason it disappeared from my blog.Where it went I am not sure,but I did not save it and I was ask about it so I am going to try to write it again.

My preschool day was something different for me.The reason for my day Mon.Oct. 20 I have to back up to the Friday before.On that Friday a young mother who works in the preschool class at our schools,husband came and picked their two children up from school early that day.They have a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.Dad was on the way home with the children,about 1 1/2 miles from the school the truck hit a water puddle in the road and he started hydroplaneing.The truck started spinning and landed upside a tree.Dad and the little girl were fine,but sad part is the little boy was killed in this accident.It was a terrible thing for this young family to go through.So that brings me to my preschool day.They needed volunteers to watch the students on Monday so the teachers could go to the funeral and be there for the mom who worked with them.Wow have you ever sat with about twenty five 3 and 4 year olds,it is quite an experience let me tell you.We started the day with feeding them breakfast,from there we went into art time.The children decorated pumpkins with paper and glue (messy).Then I sat them in a circle in the reading center and read them a book,now it is lunch time.Now this was a treat,with kids saying I do not like this,I don't want that,can I have more of this.Finally lunch is over and it is nap time,Quite time for the teachers.

By the time this day was over I was so tired all I wanted was a nap,but I do have great appreciation for preschool teachers because they have their hands full.

I want to tell a little more on this accident story from our community.This happen to be the second 7 year old little boy that was killed in a car wreck in our community in 8 months.The other one was back in early summer,he and his mother were hit by a man driving under the influence of prescription drugs.They were both mom and son killed in this accident.In both accidents neither little boy was wearing a seat belt,I do not know if that would have saved either child,but moms and dads please seat belt your children when you put them in a car to go somewhere.We have two young families in our community now living in a world of heart break and sorrow,and siblings that do not really understand why they no longer have their brothers with them.So PLEASE PLEASE put your little ones in a car seat or seat belt,or you could be the one that has to live with a broken heart that will never mend over the loss of your baby.It only takes a minute to have a wreck,but it only takes a minute to buckle them up.

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Lady Katherine said...

This is a very sad story, I went to thearpy today, and the last until they can give the MRI on my tumors. Thearpy is giving the tumors heck. I guess I will have basket balls again tomorrow. But we going to have Jennifer's children then too, Say a prayer, its going to be tough. I will have to cut meds back. and thats not good. but when thinking of those familys, I have to try, I miss them, I hardly ever see them anymore.