Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some of my favorite flowers

Shasta Daisy
Daisies are so pretty ,you can put them in most any flower
and they will just stand out .The white brings a bright spot
to any place in the yard.


This was grown from seed,I planted the seed straight in the outside

bed and they grew so well.Every time I try to start early indoors

in peat pots they die.So I started just putting them in the ground

where I want them to grow.

This plant has so many different varieties that you n get,this is
my first time to grow lavender,but there will e a new variety
growing beside this one next summer.It brings beauty and
fragrance to any sunny spot.
I think everyone should have a flower garden to gaze at.It it is a amazing thing to watch grow.
You plant a small plant or a seed and then watch in amazement as it becomes a beautiful
flower or tree.I plant perennials in my beds because the come back year after year,and year after year they multiply.They are a great way of sharing plants with friends and family.My daughter got her a new trailer last year and we have been digging up from my beds and starting her beds at her house.It saves lot of money to share,since flowers are truly expensive.
Now I do love annuals there are some really pretty ones,and if you get the right ones they will reseed themselves.Like the asters and the zinnias that I grow.Gardening is alot of work ,but it is rewarding work also.Once you see the beautiful flowers and trees growing in your yard you will be so delighted.
My mom gave me a red bud tree this year that she had rooted,but she said not to put it in the ground till Nov.I am anxiously awaiting the time to plant it and the reward of seeing it come spring.I know they only bloom for a short time but they are truly awesome when they are in bloom.I am also going to get a dogwood to plant with my red bud ,they look so wonderful together.

I will get out more pics of my flowers to post again later.I have flowers that I have bought and some given to me by friends and from family.Those given to you out of friendship and from family(especially MOM's) are the rarest treasures you can grow.Then when your daughter's begin to start their adventure in gardening you can pass a cutting down to her,a great way to keep a special flower growing forever.Then when her daughter or even son gets out on their own she can pass it on to them.
Gardening is one of the greatest gifts God has given us,To put a seed or small plant,or sapling in the ground and see his wonder.God has made a lot of beautiful,wonderful things and shared with us and gardening is one of the greatest.We get to watch his wonderful creations grow right before our eyes everyday.Gardening i good for the heart and soul,it relaxes you,it makes you smile,it gives you something to share with the ones you love.And on top of all that it is great exercise that you do without thinking of it being exercise,and that is something we all need.

So remember God has shared with us some of his most awesome creations to beautify our lives and to share with others.So hare a piece of your garden with a family member or a friend.You could even share it with a stranger to put a smile on their face,you never know they may need a

Japanese Magnolia
I think this one of the most beautiful trees you can
grow in your yard for flowering affect.The flowers are magnificent
as well as the large leaves. It really is a stunning tree.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you visited my doll blog. I've enjoyed my visit here. We had a large magnolia tree in California but it was the kind that has white blossoms. I've never seen one like this. It's beautiful.
I see you are a seamstress and do alterations on men's clothing. My Mom worked at Ft. Sill at the army base back in the 1950s doing alterations on uniforms. She really liked it.
I hope you'll come back and visit me and my dolls again in the future. We love to have company.

Lady Katherine said...

Love the flowers, when you get that dogwood, remember me! I am trying to root some magnolia trees and roses and figs and some I do not know the names. Just been getting them from neighbors. I loved your post, your words just flowed. Very lovely

Lady Katherine said...

I forgot, save me some lavendar blooms, I want to, you can make me a little bag for my drawer. lol
Goats ate mine up.