Saturday, October 18, 2008

Past Memory

My mother in law pasted in June of this year,so the family had to do the norm and clean out the house.You are so surprised at the things you will find.We found an old movie projector with movies,it did not work so sister in law is trying to get them put on DVD for us to watch.It was a really hard thing for my husband and his three sisters to do,but it had to be done.Among all the pictures and the little cards from the kids over time ,we found this pair of overalls and glasses.These tiny little overalls and glasses were my husbands when he was a little bitty boy.It seems so weird he was ever this little since now he is 6ft 3 and weighs 275lbs and will be 51 in a few months.I am going to get a shadow box and put them in so they can be keep .It is really a nice thing to find older items like these that people treasured enough to keep that long that were important to them.I have many things that my children made as little ones and gave to me,cards,ornaments and they mean so much.Now I have started keeping the things I get from my grandchildren.We all need to hold on to alittle bit of the past.


Lady Katherine said...

Thats so sweet, the overall and his glasses, that was a treasure to find. Terry says hold on to the movie projector. He been hunting one for years. Maybe he could fix it. He has old movies, of his family in Destin, FL, when he was about two. Love your post.

Lady Katherine said...

HI,enjoyed our chat, I think you should do a post on: your dolls and where they came from including the one I gave you, lol Your goats, your chimes, your sewing room, your tile floor, your deck, the wheat fields if they plant. your antique, and junk store trips, the time spent with your daughters, the time spent on road with Don and me, lol. your confedrate rose. your diaper bags, your bags you made me for my jewerly and the large one, Oh and your crochet. Make some peppermint tea from the plants I gave you and send me a cup, lol I'd love to have another bag velvet bag. lol A blogger posted a post where her and her hubby went up a Green Mountian in AL for just the day, yesterday and the leaves were beautiful. had wine, cheese, apple for their picnic after hiking the trail. Sounds so much fun. Remember Cagle Mountian, I want to go back. Miss the fun we had together.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I have a bonnet that my Dad wore when he was a baby. He was born in 1913. It is very special to me.