Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interview done with Grammy at Empty Nester

Here is my interview with Grammy from Empty Nester

1.First let me thank you, Charlotte,, for giving me a shot at this. Remember I admit to being strange!1. Of all the well known people past or present, who would you pick to be your imaginary spouse? and why ?
2. If you saw a homeless person siting on the street. What would you do ?
3. If you were a flower which one would you be ?
4. If some one told you they were a witch or a prince who once was a frog what would you say or do?
5. 1. If you were one The Walton's or the Brady bunch which character would you be and why? If you are too young for those shows, choose another show we will be familiar with and answer same question applying to that show.

1.I would pick Elvis Presley,I have always loved his music and he is a Mississippian just like me.

2.I would take him or her out to a nice meal and buy them a warm coat.

3.A Sunflower,this is my favorite flower and it is so tall,gracious and beautful.

4.If they were a witch I would ask them to teach me about witch craft,if it were a prince that was once a toad ,I would ask them to tell me way they were turned into a toad in the first place.

5.John Boy Walton,he was always there for his family and friends when they needed him and he had a wonderfully creative mind.

Thank you Grammy for giving me the opprotunity to answer the questions in your interview.

This interview was done by Grammy at Empty Nester,she has a wonderful site please give her a visit.

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Grammy said...

Aw I love John Boy too. Thank you for playing the game I so enjoyed your answers. It shows you are a kind, loving soul with an open mind. If you would like to ask me questions too. Feel free to interview me.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun game.
I just tagged you for a fun meme.
Happy fun day.