Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blooming Tuesday

Well there are not many blooms in my yard as of right now.I do have some quite cute little weeds blooming with all the warm weather we have been having so I decided I would just show you the cute blooms from the weeds.I can only tell you what one of them are and that is this little purple one.It is wlid clover and it makes a pretty little flower that I just leave in my flower gardens when it appears.I do have one flowering bush that is blooming to early but it is getting beautiful and that is my Jasmine. blooming Wild Clover

Do not know what this one is

More Wild Clover

This is my Jasmine Bush

Another picture of the Jasmine,I really enjoy my Jasmine when it is in full bloom.

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Treasia said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and saying hello. I wish things were blooming in my yard but not yet. I am so ready for spring and planting.

Nice to meet another southern woman. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Aiyana said...

I wish my weeds looked at good! Does the yellow Jasmine smell as good as the white variety?

Darla said...

I hate to have the clover in my flowers, it is so plentiful here. The blooms are pretty though. My white star jasmine has a few blooms on it too. Love the yellow!

Jean said...

Even blooming weeds are better than all this snow we are having! The jasmine flowers are very pretty. I'm sure it's beautiful in full bloom. Jean

Lady Katherine said...

I have missed a lot of your posts, somehow! Love the wild clover, and the jasmine, send a piece! My conferdate rose has leave on it!