Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

It is Blooming Tuesday at Jeans
This is probably close to the last blooms in my yard for the year.They are talking about temps in the 20's at nights this week so that will take care of most of what I have left for the year.This little petunia is a surprise to me because I was told it would not return each year,but it comes back every year never gets very big but it has been a sturdy plant.The lantana came up under a bird feeder I guess from seed that fell from the feeder,it gets more beautiful each year.I can not wait til Spring returns so I can get out and reseed and start new growth in my gardens.I also planted a new red bud tree this fall and hope to see blooms on it come the first of Spring.I love fall and winter they are beautiful seasons but my favorite time is Spring to watch all the new growth come to life. .


Purple Zinnias

Orange Cannas

Copper climbing rose



Aiyana said...

The copper rose is beautiful. Autumn is my favorite season. It's like a second spring here right now, and such a relief after 7 months of extreme temps.

Suzanne said...

You still have some beautiful blooms. Love the lantana and the copper rose. So pretty!

Darla said...

Those are still nice blooms. We are expecting a hard freeze the next two nights, I will be dragging out the plant covers because our temperature will probably return to mild, hopefully.
Put seeds in the mail this morning.

Anne Fannie said...

You still have some lovely blooms in your garden despite the cooler weather. I like the picture of the canna flower with the bluest gray sky. Very pretty!

laurie said...

So nice to see these "last flowers". It is so cold here, and it made me feel a little warmer just to see those beautiful flowers. laurie

Jean said...

Great photo of the canna against the sky background. Love the copper rose. Great post! Jean

Miss Janice said...

I can't believe you still have all those flowers...So pretty

An Accomplished Woman said...

Awe we have no blooms left. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yours is very pretty and I will be back often.