Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some of my sewing

This is some of the little girls capri sets i have made lately.I amtrying to make up enough to have for the Spring Featival in the small town we live near.It seems that not many sell clothing so I am thinking that it would be the thing to try,not alot of computition.My daughter helps pick out the colors and mixes of design.She has a 6 year old daughter that wears what I make and I sometimes use her to model in pics for me.I want people to be able to see how they will look on the child.There are so many new mod colors and fabric designs out now that I have lots to choose from.I do sizes

6 childs size 7.I have so many more in my head and to make so I am sitting at a machine or cutting out most all the time,unless I have a special order from someone.

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Lady Katherine said...

I love the third capri set the best. But I also love the hair band. Keep up the work they look great!