Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Grandsons Drew and Caleb's Story

This is my 9 year old grandson Drew holding a 5 1/2 ft chicken that was killed in my house.It was frist spotted by his 7 year old brother in the kitchenone day.I felt something hit my foot and Caleb hollered slithered.He said it was black and it slithhered.Well we never saw what he saw we thought it might be a lizzard,because they get in the house all the time.About a month later my daughter went in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and came out having a fit.She had saw he snake go into the cabinet.Well my husband and son in law searched all day and never saw the snake.That night about 12:00 I went into the kitchen and decided to just look under what was left of my cabinet to see if it was there.I say what wa left because they had cut the bottom of my cabinet out earlier in the day.Well any way there was the snake curled up under there.I went and woke my husband and then called and woke my son in law and they were back at it again.This time they forced him out and killed him.It was a relife,they were both kind of scared of hunting a snake but they were great and finaly got him.I no longer have a critter in my house but I still do not have a bottom in my cabinet either.Well it won't upload the pic with the snake but this is Drew and Caleb.

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Lady Katherine said...

What a scare that was! Wasn't this the second time? I hope that does not happen here.