Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Day

Another day around the house trying to get caught up.But I did get my sewing for everyone else caught up today.So tomorrow I can start on the things I want to sew.I did two mini cheerleading suits and they are cute,will look better when the mother has them monogramed.
Today I delivered a dress to school when my daughter took her children.We then went to pay a couple bills.Had to pick her 4 yer old up at preschool at 11:oo so we got him went to the local cafe and ate lunch.They have a daily lunch and the food is so good,bets having to fix lunch .
Came home worked on the cheering suits,washed 2 loads of clothes,set on the porch swing and had a cup of coffee and watched the much needed rain.It is such a relaxing thing to set on the porch and swing with a cup of coffee,relives the stress of all the things I need to be doing.


Lady Katherine said...

I wish I was there sitting on your porch with you, as you drink your beloved Folgers coffee. We could brew a pot of tea for me. Sounds so nice. Tell Hubby hello for us. Miss ya'll!

Lady Katherine said...

I am so happy you are blogging!! Check out my treat I got today. I love it.