Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ATC's I made for Fall and Halloween

I have been trying to teach myself to paint .It is going kind of slow,but I will keep trying.Who knows one day I might be able to paint a big picture .I do alot of doodling but not painting.I love to sit and just doodle it fills alot of time when I am watching TV or whatever.Yesterday I sat and painted these two ATC's.Really like the Fall one,but the Halloween is not up to par ,will have to try again on it.
Tonight I have to make a Photo Album fora baby,for grandaughter's teacher.I also have a swap to work on,it is to decorate a Pringles can and put a pamper me swap inside.It is different ,but I think it will be a fun challenge.

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Lady Katherine said...

They look great, now you know you can do anything if you want to! As I tell the kids, NICE JOB!!
ps if you get a chance go to this site. She has a lot of Halloween things, but she posted my blog A Lady's Hope on hers and did a write up on it. Love ya