Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just getting started

Well I am going to try to start a blog,everyone I know is and they are having fun with.I can see now that I have alot to learn.So many things you can do and add,I am not to sure I will ever get it right.Well be patience with me till I learn.I will be posting about things in my life and there is alot of that with my grandchildren around.They seem to keep me pretty busy most of the time.I will post pictures of the things I like to do in my life and special days that happen.So to anyone who visits I hope you enjoy and come often once I get this thing going .

Hope everyone has a good day and lots of happiness in your life!!!!

1 comment:

Lady Katherine said...

Looks good, you might want to add googles feed burner, and have it crawl your blog. Also I love my map and it show who is on your blog and where they are from. Check it out at the end of one of my pages, you can down load it from there.