Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blooming Tuesday

I am running late today with my Blooming Tuesday,sometimes things get in the way and today that happen with me.

Okay I have no blooms left,we had two 28 degree nights last week so it just took away all my beauty I had left.So today I chose some pictures I had took earlier in the year,hope you enjoy looking at them.Not to sure what will be blooming next week,maybe I can get some pictures of my African Violets.I am going to buy a Christmas Cactus maybe it will be blooming. This was taken at the Hattisburg,Ms.Zoo.

I am not sure what the plant is ,but the

peacock is what caught my eye,it is like he

was trying to hide from all the people.

hydranga,I love this plant,but I can not

seem to keep one alive.Anyone have any

tips for me,I would love to have one

growing in my yard that I do not kill.

Do not remember the name of this little plant

it grew in a hanging basket all spring.

These two were just a special treat I caught

I had a suculent growing in these little boots

one morning I went out and this mushroom

was just there.It was so cute I just let it stay there til it died.


Carla said...

The mushroom is darling! I had to look twice to see the peacock! Thanks for sharing today:)

Darla said...

Great post. The mushrooms are favorites of mine.

Sue said...

It's funny to me how many times today that the comment I was about to write had already been written by someone. I like that mushroom, too. I had a couple this summer, but I can't remember if I took their pics or not.

Jean said...

How cute is that mushroom! Love it. The peacock sure can't hide with his beautiful color. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post. Jean

Lady Katherine said...

I love the peacock, I use to have 5 in all, one was solid white. Still have peacock feathers. Don't for get my conf. rose seeds. I would love to learn to grow mushrooms to eat. There are tons here, but don't know which ones you can eat. So I think they would grow here. We have thousands of baby crawfish, size of a piece of rice. Want to go to Fair Hope,Al to the Alpaca Farm?

Grammy said...

I love the mushroom picture. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. And visiting my blog. I so miss my blooms.
Happy thanksgiving.


Aiyana said...

That mushroom is cute! I'm late visiting all the Bloomin' Tuesday posts as I was installing a computer, so I guess we're both catching up!
Happy Thanksgiving!