Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas

Well Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is well on it's way.I do not decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving but Christmas is a whole different story.Christmas is my favorite time for decorating,I love all the ornaments and lights that make it sparkle.Right now tis is what my decorations look like,All boxed up yelling at me to get us out of these boxes.I can just hear them telling me how cramped they are aned they have been in there for a whole year now so please let us out.We are ready to shine and be seen,oh please please hurry up and open up these boxes so we can breath.The only thing is I will have to listen for a few more days got to many little folks staying with me for the weekend to even attempt to start unpacking yet.I do have a small tree that I am going to take out and let the little ones decorate for me.That is part of the fun watching them put dceorations on the little tree and get so excited about Santa getting ready to come.Listening to them discuss what all they want to get from Santa.Once I get started decorating I will take pictures for you all to see.
Decorating inside is the easy part it is putting up the lights and outside decorations that get more complicated ,making sure you get all the lights running right so you can get them plugged in.Setting up where everything looks nice and connectsd together with just the right look.So I am ready to get started and in a few days my house will be transformed into a Christmas home full of excitement and cheer with decorations,music,all things Christmas.can not wait to take pictures and post of my Christmas decorations so I will see you all soon with Christmas galore.Hope everyone is decorating and getting the Christmas Spirit in your hearts.


Lady Katherine said...

Have fun! Remember to make some hot chocolate and cookies, to treat yourselves as you deco your home.

Melinda said...

We put up our tree the night before Thanksgiving and it was so fun. Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite parts of the year!

Grammy said...

I am so glad it give you such joy. Have a great week end. Grammy

Carla said...

Sat the boxes were brought in. We put up our tree Mon night, but had to make TWO trips to Walmart for a star, and THREE for garland:), hopefully tonight it will be finished (five days to finish a tree-haha!) Today I have to put up our empty boxes:)

Love your gift angel-she is darling:)