Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More from the Pumpkin Patch

I wanted to share some of the wonderful things you can see at the Mitchell Farms Pumpkin Patch with you.Wouldn't you just love to have a shower made of tin in your home or all these axes and hatchets hanging on your walls.

This is one of the houses you can take a walk back in time in.
old handmade brooms

Caleb standing i front of one of the tee pees they have on the on the grounds.
We will be going back to the Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday of next week with Sawyer ,he is in preschool and their class is going to make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.I can not wait to go back and have another nice day.


Lady Katherine said...

love the tee pee, you should make US one. lol

Lady Katherine said...

I found your page, I love the lighthouse. Terry says tell Don and JL, the crew going to be in Brookhaven with the two seater plane, Danny is the pilot.