Monday, June 29, 2009


It has been awhile since I have done any blogging,been alot of things going on in life,as you all know life throws up road blocks when you least expect them.Not going to go into all the things that keep me from blogging,but I have been so busy with life that it took me away from the computer for awhile.I am thinking it is time to bring myself back to blogger and enjoy reading and posting again.
Right now I am doing sewing to get my beautiful little grand daughter ready for the State Beauty Pageant and picking and putting up what few vegetables from the garden that the heat has not gotten.Yesterday the theomster on my front porch read 104 degrees.We have not saw a drop of rain in over a month.The flowers,grass,veggies and yes even the weeds around here are dying.Makes me want to cry watching my flower beds just wilt away,even though I do try to water them every other day.My grass is so dried out that we do not even have to cut it,and I love getting out in the early morning to cut the grass.

here is hoping you are all having a wonderful Summer that is not toooooo hot and lots of fun things going on for you.


Grammy said...

Hi Charlotte/ welcome back. I missed ya. The weather seems to be crazy every where. Thanks for stopping by. Big hug. Have a great week.

Lady Katherine said...

Wow, your back! Hope all the dust has settled and you can find time to blog a little. I have missed you!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to say hello...I miss you....Hope you are doing okay..Can't wait to meet you in Flowood on Sept 25th....lady Katherine had made planned for us Mississippian Belles to join together for lunch...other bloggers are invited too ...Hope to see you Smiles and Hugs..Ktherinllen