Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today I went "Treasure Hunting",my daughter and I go every Sunday afternoon.There is a gentleman who goes out and buys the contents of storage buildings that have not had the rent paid on them.Every Sunday afternoon he has a sale,you can find some nice things at his sale sometimes.Most of the time I just buy little items that I like to add to my home for the kitchen or where ever in the house.Today when I went I bought some tapered candle holders ,a small hand held grater,got a brand new grinder for $3.00.Been wanting a grinder,someone gave me a bag of Star Bucks whole coffee beans and I needed the grinder for that.Just normal little things I like to pick up at sales like this one.But then as I was looking on the table I saw this cute little box sitting there and as I picked it up I thought I am going to buy this it looks kind of old.It was a little powder compact.When I got home I looked and got the name off of it and did a search online to see if I could find it or anything about it.The name on it was Wadsworth,well to my surprise it came up on Google.There was a site that had the very same compact listed,so off I went to check it out.It was an auction site,but there was my little compact and when I saw the price I near feel out.(Oh yeah I paid $1.00 for this little treasure of mine.)The one she had had been used it still had powder in the corners of it,mine has no powder it has not been used.It is a little tarnished from age I would guess,they were made in 1951 according to what I can tell.Okay ,okay I know you want to know what the price was on hers here goes $145.00.And I paid $1.00 for the one I was holding in my hand,I was so tickled.Here are a few pictures of my little "TREASURE". This is the top of the little compact it is standing on the little legs .They fold up under it so it becomes flat for you to put in your purse.
Here it is open with the tag of the inspection inside.No.16 inspected this little treasure.

Here is the little powder puff still inside,it has the name Wadsworth on the puff.

Here it is open with the legs folded under.

First lid opened.

The compact closed laying with legs folded under.

Now everyone says sell it on ebay,but I think this is a treasure I will hold on to for awhile,I love the look of it ,and I guess it is the thought that I found such a real treasure on one of our little treasure hunts.If you would like to look at the one I found online here is a link to the page
The only difference is that hers has the name Parker Pen on the little powder puff.


Janet said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I LOVE finding little treasures, and your compact is very special - well done!

Treasia said...

First off let me say I love the new blog look. Especially the header. I just love fairies.

Your little treasure is just that "a treasure". It's beautiful.

Angie said...

That's so cool!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I've never seen such a pretty compact. What a treasure, and what a deal. Good eye! laurie

BECKY said...

Happee Monday Charlotte!! What a great find!! I love it when I hear stories like this!!

I say keep it and enjoy it and then if you want to sell it later, do so!! It is just so pretty!!

Find just the right place for it so you can be reminded of your great find, and take pleasure in owning it!!

Hope you have a joyful week!

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, Charlotte it is so... lovely! Do not sell it, it is so Unique! I would have never thought it looked like from our conversation on the phone! Look great on my dressing table. lol Keep and treasure it, for it is too lovely to sale!