Monday, December 22, 2008

In The Mail Today

Today I opened my mail box and there was this wonderful book full of beautiful flowers and vegetables.It was such a nice thing to see all the beauty of spring on a cold and wintery day like today.There are so many beautiful flowers and wonderful vegetable plants to choose from.I am sitting here choosing what I want to order for my Spring planting.I know it is the middle of winter but Spring will be upon us before we realize that it is here,so i am going to start making my order so I will be ready.I will order some seeds and some plants ready for planting.My perennial garden needs some new life in it this year,and there are some great perennials I would like to add.When planting perennials I like to plant the plant itself but I will buy a few different seeds to try out.So although it is winter I can picture pretty flower greenery sprouting from the ground and the beginning of new growth in my gardens.Never to early to start planning our gardens and I think I will start now.

Everyone needs something to make them smile everyday and today for me it is a wonderful book full of flowers and vegetables to shop through.What has put a smile on your face today?


Lady Katherine said...

Hi, love the book, I need one, Terry killed 3 of my star gazer lillies last year. I want them back! Gordys face is not painted the gourd was just grew like that! Hannah and I were painting one day and we put a wash on the gourd. But thats all! Terry found it, so we went with Gordy for the egg gourd. My goat may be having a baby! Shock! If she does, she gave the buck away thinking she was sterile. But we see a little bag forming! So maybe! I fixing a side board up tonight, Terry promises to put up the three sheet of sheet rock! May not have them painted but it will be better background than insulation! lol I can't wait to show all my gingerbread and peppermint! Terry is checking lights for the cedar tree outback, I just might go get my small trees and put on porch with just lights! A little late, but my new peppermint and gingerbread gave me the spirit, I needed! I felt so alive, he went to Bass Pro! I got to be left alone for the first time in years! I had three people helping me! I came home with 3 large packed bags and a box! lol He says he is not letting me out of the house again! lol I had a blast! He hasn't seen it all, I still have two bags and a box to open and put out, so I am going to make do with the sideboard table I made years ago. One day I will find my antique buffet, that I dream of! But for now we need a place to hold the food! I have the pew Terry cut down, Helen says she might sell me the other. Not sure if I should get it, or hold out to find more chairs, like the ones I have!


Hmmm....what puts a smile on my face?
New blog buddies stopping at my blog...finding out I am not the only one paging thru the spring catalog saying...Come on spring...when winter started...just this week!

Miss Janice said...

Oh goodness gracious...I guess I need a book also!