Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Grand Daughter in Christmas Parade

This weekend my grand daughter was in the Christmas Parade.She won Overall Most Beautiful in the Pageant now she goes to the State Pageant to represent the county we live in.So she got a place in the parade. We had a lot of things to do to get ready for her to be in the parade.We had to get her suit to wear made(by MOMO) her grand paws big truck had to be washed and shining,wreath for truck,signs for truck doors and decorate truck.It was so cold that day that we almost froze out there doing the truck.The night before her mom and I did the wreath and the signs,I had so much glitter in my floors I thought I would never get it up.I still see a little glittering here and there every once in awhile.Dad and Paw Paw got up early Saturday morning in the cold and got the truck washed and shined up.The Parade was at 5:30 p.m. Saturday night,we had to be in town lined up and decorating the truck at 2:00 so we would have it done and ready to go by 5:30.There were 63 cars and trucks in the parade that does not count floats ,the fire dept. and Santa Claus.My daughter and I had to walk beside the truck through the parade because there had to be someone on each side of the truck since she was so high off the ground.She was truly a little beauty,and people just yelled at her and could not believe she was riding up there so high off the ground.Her Paw Paw was a really proud Paw Paw getting to ride his little angel in the parade.These are some pictures we took before we got things together and after with her on the truck.I did not get them in the right order so you will be going backwards.Miss Carrie Alexis Reid Young Miss Lawrence County Overall Most Beautiful.

Another picture of Miss Reid sitting on the truck,and the big large wreath we made.

Glittering snow flakes hanging from the sleeper of the truck.We took plastic snow flakes and glued glitter all over them.

This is one of the two signs that caused me to have a glittered house,we had to have one for each side of the truck.

Here is our large wreath in the process of being created,I took two rows of green garland twisted lights in them and then formed the circle to make the wreath then we added decorations to the wreath.

The eighteen wheeler being washed that morning before the parade,this is her dad and little brother working hard.

Her red velvet suit I made for her to wear,it was a knee length top with pants to go with it.We decided to make pants since the weather was so cold.It had white boa around the neck,sleeves,and bottom of the pants.

Snow flakes that we glittered hanging to dry.

Those glittery signs we made,it was a choir trying to get all that wrote on a piece of poster board and it all be the same size writing and in straight lines.I am not a straight line person and my daughter thought I needed to be the one to do the writing.
So now we are reading ourselves and her for our trip to the State Pageant to try and win Little Miss Mississippi.We have until July to find a dress which in her age group is Sunday dress only,we really like that.She also has to have a casual wear suit,I will make that around June when we see what the style is for that time next year.


Lady Katherine said...

How cool! Love that YELLOW TRUCK! What fun your life is! Love the suit you made Lexie and Lexie was beautiful! Don always said, on the road that she was a beauty, that was before we met you and children.
He always carried a picture of her since she was little. Wish you got a picture of you and Don! Tell Don we tried to see his face, but he had too many paper in the dash! lol
Terry had to see the truck. Gosh!We miss working out on the road! Brings back lot of memories. Got to have kids today!

laurie said...

She is adorable! This is a memory she will treasure, so I'm sure it was worth all of the effort. laurie

An Accomplished Woman said...

Okay, that suit you made is adorable, as your granddaughter is. Looks like she had a great time.