Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas From The Robbins Nest

I have not posted pics of my Christmas trees till now,because the Christmas feeling has not been in my heart.It has just been a little hard to get in the spirit ,work has been short and we were not sure how we were going to get presents for our grandchildren.When you are not to sure how things are going to be financially you worry a lot.I did not put up all my decorations this year,but the trees went up for the babies,they do not understand if you do not put up the trees at least.So I did put all my trees up and a few other things
Today we got a little extra money,we found that husbands check had been shorted a couple of loads,he is a truck driver and when they did his check they shorted him,well we got that money today and it was enough to buy all but two presents for grandchildren and I will get those two this weekend.So it made me feel more in the Christmas Spirit to see their presents get bought,now I will get them wrapped and under the tree.
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and I have hated feeling so down,so I want to share my trees with everyone.They are not fancy themed trees just a tree with ornaments collected over the years,a small tree with swapped ornaments from friends I have meet online,and a small set of prim trees.I love prim ornaments and they are not just Christmas ornaments on them they are all different kind on there.
So as we start to celebrate our Lords birthday I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season,and remember God can make all things better if you just have faith and believe. This little tree is just small ornaments that I have received in swaps with friends,they are not fancy ,but they mean a lot because they came from ladies I have met online and became friends with.
This is not a great picture but this is my prim trees,I just love the prim look.

This is a cabinet under my window,that I decorated,you can not tell with the light on but that is a light with a carving of God bearing the cross inside the light.My mother in law gave all of us one of these lights for Christmas about three years ago and I love this light.

My Christmas tree,full of ornaments collected over the years,I now have more ornaments than tree is able to hold.I told my husband we would need a bigger tree next year.I buy a new ornament ever year.This year I did not have money to buy one so I made a couple of new ones.I think from now on I will start making them instead of buying them.They mean so much more.

I want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


laurie said...

All of your tress are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing them so much. Merry Christmas. laurie

Melinda said...

Your trees are gorgoeus and your home looks so cozy and festive. I know what you mean about the money, I have been feeling the same way since we found out we'll have a bit less to spend than we thought.

An Accomplished Woman said...

My goodness, your trees are gorgeous. I wish I had sent you an ornament. Everything looks really beautiful. Blessings for you and your grandchildren