Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Make Christmas Ornies

Well it is November and Christmas is right around the corner,so it is time for making and exchanging Christmas Ornaments.I am in a couple of craft clubs and we are already doing the ornie swap,so everyone will have the ornies in time to show off on their Christmas trees.I can not wait to see all of the new ornies I get,I am a ornie fanatic.I buy and swap new ornies every year,it is so much fun.Here are the ornies I am making to send out,they are prim ornies,to me they are awesome prim ornies I mean.I love the coffee and tea dye effects you get when staining them with coffe or tea.This pattern was a free pattern off of the internet at Benath The Willo Tree The pattern is by Robin Wein from Mitchell South Dakota.There are lots of great free prim ornie patterns there.Mine are going to be a little different from Robin's in that I added snow to mine and she embrodried the word Believe on her's and I wrote mine with a black pigma pen.I still have to connect the star to the candy cane and add a hanger.As you can see my crafting is done just where ever I decide to craft at,this was in my living room,sometimes I craft in the living room,kitchen table,or my sewing room.Where ever the creative feeling feels right.I am ready to start decorating for Christmas and will probably start this weekend.


Lady Katherine said...

Wow, they are great, I love what you have done with the Ornies!

Grammy said...

What a great Ideal I have 2 grandsons with me this weekend I think I will get them to make ornaments tomorrow thanks for the ideal.
Have a great weekend.