Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun In THe Sun On A Hot Summer Days

Here in South Mississippi it has been a really hot Summer.We have been reaching temps. of 100 and above.Ii has been really dry,since we have had no signs of rain for over a month now.Everything is dying out,flower beds,vegetable gardens,grass,and yes even the weeds are dying.You try to water at least ever other day,but chlorinated water just does not do what fresh rain water does.
The heat is so bad that the children stay inside all day,it is just too hot to play outdoors.They have a big pool but the water in the pool is like lukewarm bath water,not refreshing or cool at all.So to beat the heat and give the children a few hours of fun and outdoor time you look for a natural swimming pool.A nice cool running creek with a sandbar,a bridge to set under for shade,shallow water for the little ones and,deep water for the ones that can swim.They are far and in between,most are on private property and people will not let you swim in them.I do understand,it is a liability thing where they are responsible if anyone gets hurt.We are of the lucky few with a creek like this just a few miles from our house that people can still go swimming in,not many know about it so it is not crowded with people.
So her are a few pictures of how to beat the heat on a hot summer day and give the kids something to do that they all enjoy as well as the adults. Shallow water for little ones.
Bridge to set under out of the sun.

Sand bar

Being thrown high in the air

time with mommy learning to swim.

Family time

Diving through the air.

Flipping off into the water.

Splash time with the babies.

Riding the four wheeler down the creek.

Some of our "BAD BOYS"

Wadding time


Grammy said...

That look like so much fun You are so lucky to have a clean private place to play in the summer. We are near the Lake of the Ozarks and the water in some coves is now contaminated with E.coli some of the public beaches are closed but not the lake. It is not a widely know fact. I started a hypertufa project. I have a link to it on my side bar for my garden blog. Have a great day and stay cool.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What fun! You and your family sure know how to celebrate in the heat! Great photos. laurie

Charlotte said...

What fun. Nothing is more fun for kids than splashing in cool water in the hot summertime.
Our pool gets warm like bath water in the summer. I love it that way. I like to get in without any shock.
Have a great week and stay cool. Or try to.

Lois Christensen said...

That looks like fun! And a great way to cool off. I remember when we were living in Atlanta one summer it was so hot, the pool water felt like you were taking a bath! Hope it cools off some!

Susie Homemaker said...

Oh my, I will send some of our rain to you....we have had way more than our share...glad you and all the kiddos have a place to cool off and have fun!


Lady Katherine said...

What fun for the family! To cool off together and have a great time! I did not see you flying in the air! Oh, that is right you do not like to fly!
Children have grown so much! This brought back many childhood memories for me!

xinex said...

This is so cool. How lucky for you to have a creek so closeby your house where you can just play around and swim. I know it has been so hot in MS. One afternoon, the temp. that registered in my vehicle was 114 degrees. I could not even touch the steering wheel..Christine

Anonymous said...

Dropping by to see how my Mississippian friend is doing? Hope you are having a great summmer...It has cool off alots...Loving this weather now...yes I agree ..It has been so hot here in South Mississippi in June and July...Augurst has been better...Very Unusual...Who care! We are loving it..right Charlotte....Hope you are doing okay...what great way to spend with family...Hope you have a wonderful weekends..Katherinellen

Anonymous said...

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xinex said...

Hi Charlotte, the MS Magnolia Southern Belles are having a get together on June 5th. We'd be delighted if you could join us. Please stop by my blog and read more details....Christie

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